Santa Anita Soccer Club Teams

SASC organizes our teams based on the year and specific date your child was born.  Each age group may have multiple teams that span 3 skill levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold, in some cases an elite level is available. Below you will find a list of all of our teams, coach contacts, their age group and skill level. Your child will likely match up where their birth year matches the year associated with the team.

SASC Soccer Teams

SASC Boys Soccer Teams

  • Boys 2003 Bronze – Coach James Brainard, Email:
  • Boys 2005 Silver – Coach Adam Throop, Email:
  • Boys 2007 Bronze – Coach Joe Franco, Email:
  • Boys 2007 Bronze – Coach Troy Ford, Email:
  • Boys 2009 Bronze – Coach Jose Luna, Email:

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SASC Girls Soccer Teams

  • Girls 2000 Silver Elite – Coach Joe Franko, Email:
  • Girls 2001 Silver Elite – Coach Sydney Vermillion, Email:
  • Girls 2003 Silver – Coach Greg Kirland, Email:
  • Girls 2004 Bronze – Coach Damon Pysher, Email:
  • Girls 2004 Silver – Coach Joe Franko, Email:
  • Girls 2005 Silver – Coach Brad Stephenson, Email:
  • Girls 2006 Bronze – Coach Gilbert Batanga, Email:
  • Girls 2008 Bronze  – Coach Rich Monson, Email:

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ELISA: Below is another way we could lay out this information, however we would need each coaches picture and contact details. This will mean we don’t have to have a separate “coaches” page.

SASC Girls Soccer Teams

Assistant Coach Coach Adriana Maldonado

Coach: Sydney Vermillion

Team: Girls 2001 Silver Elite

  • Date of Birth range: Jan 1, 2001 – August 1, 2001
  • Coach: Sydney Vermillion
  • Coach email:
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